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Save change... Save lives!

Since 1996, Bishop Atwood has been working on projects across Africa and in 2009 he founded Bishop’s Well to help provide clean water to children and families in Africa. Since then, each year during lent, churches across the country are asked to participate in the Bishop’s Well Water Bottle Project, and save change to save lives.

Save change... Save lives!

2012 Proved to be a huge year in providing water in Africa. Partnering with the Assemblies of God water ministry, Water for the World, and the Anglican Church of Kenya, we have started drilling with a rig that W4W has made available. Even with the rig being provided, there are costs for pumps, pipes, fuel, and other costs.

We have already drilled 2 wells in Kenya, providing clean water for hundreds of children and adults. The first well was built at Jehovah Jira Children’s Home in Nairobi. The sale of water from this well will sustain the 150 children indefinitely!

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